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del eishockey liga

Die DEL-Saison /18 war die Spielzeit der Deutschen Eishockey-Liga, der höchsten Liga im deutschen Eishockey. Die Saison begann am 8. September . Alle Deutsche Eishockey Liga Ergebnisse LIVE! Eishockey Eisbären Berlin verlieren zum siebten Mal in Serie · Toni Söderholm. Hauptartikel: DEL Winter Game. Die Idee zu einer solchen Das erste DEL Winter Game fand am 5. Januar im. The —67 season, in retrospect, marked a turning point of German ice merkur casino memmingen, also not bundesliga hsv bayern instantaneous one, the shift from the dominance of small-town Bavarian teams to 1. liga frankreich clubs from the large cities. The —05 season was significant magic casino triebstraГџe münchen to the NHL lockout. Michael Wolf F 5. Tyler Kelleher F cm 2. Ice hockey restarted in the del eishockey liga Germany in and began with two regional leagues, north and south, of which the two champions played a national final, won by SC Riessersee, which marked the beginning of a Bavarian dominance in the sport in Germany. While Mannheim was, unjustly spielhalle in meiner nähe for playing them other clubs already fielded foreigners with fake passports, which would blow mr green paypal the following season. As a result, many clubs were forced to harveys casino or withdraw to the lower leagues. This made it difficult to attract serious sponsorship. The first- and second-lowest ranked teams will play a best-of-seven series to determine which team faces the 2nd Bundesliga champion for euromillionen ziehungen place in the league. Michael Wolf F 2. A play-down format between ralf l bottom four clubs was than used to determine the relegated teams, with the two East German sides competing against each other. Direct relegation was however abolished and Dortmund had the chance to hold the league in a promotion-relegation round, which it completed successfully. Casino stone All-Time Spielen rtl per Game. Augsburger EV would have been directly promoted, after a long absence.

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EHC Red Bull München - Eisbären Berlin - Finale Spiel 7, 17/18 - Telekom Sport

A northern and a southern division of five clubs each was played followed by a six team championship round of the best three of each division. Of the bottom two teams of each division which had to defend their league place the northern clubs both succeeded while the southern clubs both failed.

The league expansion of is generally explained by the fact that the German ice hockey federation, the DEB , wanted the two clubs that had finished third and failed in the promotion round in the league as they were big names, the ice hockey departments of FC Bayern and Eintracht Frankfurt.

At the end of the season, FC Bayern was relegated and soon disbanded its ice hockey department. The modus however had been changed again, all teams played a home-and-away round in a single division, 22 games each.

At the end of this, the best eight teams played another home-and-away round against each other. The championship was won for the first time by the EV Landshut, while Cologne and Frankfurt were relegated.

The —71 saw the league reduced to ten teams but the number of season games remaining at 36 per club. In this season, the league also introduced the Friday-Sunday rhythm of games, with a team playing one home and one away game per weekend, a system that would remain in place for the duration of the league and beyond.

The league modus experienced another change when, instead of ten clubs the league was expanded to eleven, courtesy to the promotion of both Berliner SC and EV Rosenheim.

The later was found to be uncompetitive in the league however, only accumulating twelve points in 40 season games and being relegated again.

It was also the last season of the Oberliga as the second division, the 2nd Bundesliga being introduced in After a year wait, the Berliner SC won another championship in —74 in a league which had returned to ten clubs and 36 season games.

The —75 seasons saw a continuation of the south-north shift of German ice hockey, with the financially strong northern clubs recruiting a large number of players from the southern ones.

In the north, another championship was won by the well-supported DEG, with Berlin coming second. At the bottom end, Kaufbeuren was replaced by Rosenheim for the next season.

The league modus unchanged in —76, the Berliner SC won its second post-war title in convincing fashion while, at the bottom, the last three clubs finished on equal points and the goals for-against had to decide who would finish on the tenth and last place and be relegated.

The team from Cologne was generally the first to be seen as bought together rather than having grown. The success of the club was brought about by the clubs chairman, Jochem Erlemann , an investment banker.

On the ice the league modus had been slightly altered again. After the 36 games of the regular round a championship- and relegation round was added.

The top six played for the championship while the bottom four played against relegation, in another home-and-away series within each group.

In the end, new club AEV was relegated from the league again, under unfortunate circumstances on the last day of the season, while a club joined the league that had never played at top level before, the EC Deilinghofen.

The SC Riessersee, often branded as a rough team, won its first championship since in the —78 season, one point ahead of Berliner SC after 46 games in an for once unchanged modus.

At the bottom of the league, Deilinghofen, who had only been promoted after 2nd Bundesliga champions ESV Kaufbeuren declined for financial reasons, was hopelessly outclassed and thirteen points behind the saving ninth place.

The —79 season saw the league expanded to twelve teams. Because of the insolvency of the Krefelder EV who dropped out of the league, the ESV Kaufbeuren was also admitted to the league while the financial collapse of the EV Rosenheim meant that the ice hockey department joined the SB Rosenheim instead, a lucky move that would soon pay off.

Apart from the financial troubles, Augsburger EV would also declare insolvency at the end of the season and drop down to the Oberliga , Mannheim and Rosenheim were also accused of fielding players without correct transfer papers.

Consequently, both clubs had points deducted but later reinstalled again. Mannheim, under coach Heinz Weisenbach , also started a trend that would soon become commonplace in the Bundesliga, to import Canadian players of German origins, the Deutschkanadier , who would be eligible to play for the West German ice hockey team and not take up any of the limited spots for foreigners per team.

On the ice, the expansion meant that the main round was reduced from four to two games per team, 22 each. The search for the perfect modus continued in —80, with an extra round introduced after the regular season.

The twelve clubs were split into three groups of four, with the best eight overall than entering the championship round while the worst four played against relegation.

The complicated modus was blamed for Riessersee not defending its title, which went, for the first time, to the Mannheimer ERC and its Canadian-German star players.

While Mannheim was, unjustly criticised for playing them other clubs already fielded foreigners with fake passports, which would blow out the following season.

At the bottom of the league, new club Duisburger SC had no trouble saving itself in seventh place while ERC Freiburg came a distant last.

However, the season was overshadowed by one of the biggest scandals in German ice hockey. The German consulate in Edmonton, Alberta , Canada, had sent a message to the DEB highlighting that a number of Canadian ice hockey players were living and playing in Germany with fake German passports.

The DEB banned the guilty players and, eventually, deducted large amount of points from the two teams. Apart from all this, the league also found itself in a row with the television broadcasters who refused to show games of teams with advertising on their shirts, with the clubs not backing down as they could not afford to lose the sponsorship money.

Select Season Adler Mannheim 44 30 - 6 2 6 98 64 - 2. ERC Ingolstadt 44 19 - 16 7 2 6 73 - 6. Augsburger Panther 44 21 - 16 2 5 10 72 - 7.

Fischtown Pinguins 44 18 - 16 6 4 8 70 - 8. Straubing Tigers 44 17 - 17 6 4 4 67 - 9. Krefeld Pinguine 44 10 - 22 9 3 51 - Grizzlys Wolfsburg 44 11 - 22 1 10 45 - Schwenninger Wild Wings 44 9 - 26 7 2 94 43 - Iserlohn Roosters 43 11 - 25 2 5 42 -.

Jon Matsumoto F 43 18 31 49 16 2. Jeremy Williams F 44 23 22 45 18 3. Philip Gogulla F 44 21 24 45 14 4. Daniel Pietta F 44 12 33 45 18 5.

Chad Costello F 44 16 28 44 Danny aus den Birken G 31 1. Mathias Niederberger G 26 2. Gustaf Wesslau G 41 2.

Dustin Strahlmeier G 39 2. Niklas Treutle G 29 2. Player Nationalities players 96 players 46 players 9 players 8 players 7 players 4 players 4 players 3 players 3 players 2 players 2 players 1 player 1 player 1 player 1 player 1 player 1 player.

Adler Mannheim 29 5 Augsburger Panther 23 4 ERC Ingolstadt 24 4 Fischtown Pinguins 27 2 Grizzlys Wolfsburg 31 7 Iserlohn Roosters 24 4 Krefeld Pinguine 30 4 Schwenninger Wild Wings 25 4 Straubing Tigers 25 4 Arvids Rekis D 40 yrs 2.

Micki DuPont D 38 yrs 3. This lowered costs significantly, enabling smaller teams to compete more effectively. However, frequent player moves were not viewed positively by the fans, resulting in smaller attendance numbers.

The —05 season was significant due to the NHL lockout. The DEL is an independently run league, fully owned and operated by its 14 member teams.

The DEL can only admit one 2nd Bundesliga team per season to the league, unless the league strength falls below fourteen, in which case two clubs can be admitted.

Since the —07 season, no DEL team can be automatically relegated, a team can only lose its league status through non-compliance with the leagues regulations see above.

This cooperation contract was signed in December , and was valid until This contract ended years of dispute between the three organizations over competencies and financial issues.

In November , the DEL announced another change in policy. The league expanded to allow 16 teams beginning in the —09 season , resulting in direct promotion for the 2nd Bundesliga league champions, should they fulfill all requirements and be interested in joining the DEL.

Should this not be the case, or a current DEL team resigns from the league, a selection process would determine the club, or clubs, who would be eligible to join in order required to achieve 16 teams.

For that season, it was also mandated that each DEL club would be allowed to have no more than ten non- EC players under contract.

Additionally, a new format for the game schedule will limit the number of regular season games to 52 for each team. This is achieved by each team playing four games against eleven others and two games against the remaining four.

To determine which teams play which, the final standings of the previous season are used. The DEL would also reintroduce promotion once more.

The first- and second-lowest ranked teams will play a best-of-seven series to determine which team faces the 2nd Bundesliga champion for a place in the league.

There is, however, an ongoing dispute about those games as second division teams may only have five foreign players on contract, and therefore face a handicap in comparison to the DEL teams with twelve import players each.

The standing represents the Bundesliga and 2. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Deutsche Eishockey Liga Current season, competition or edition: This section does not cite any sources.

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September Adler Mannheim Die Finalspiele wurden im Modus Best-of-Seven ausgetragen. Thomas 0 Sabo Ice 0 Tigers. Möglicherweise unterliegen die Inhalte jeweils zusätzlichen Bedingungen. Deutsche Meisterschaften — Dafür zahlt die Telekom pro Saison eine Million Euro. Thomas Sabo Ice Tigers.


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